File Recovery and Backup

Have you accidently deleted your pictures you just imported from your camera? Removed your music files? Are your files stored on an external drive that no longer seems to be working?

We can evaluate the situation and offer advice. In case of an accidental deletion of files it may not be too difficult to recover, but we can also advice you with hardware failures, unreadable or corrupt backups and more.

Ontrack Authorized Partner

Be aware of strange noises. Should you hear strange noises or grinding sounds, turn off your computer immediately. Further operation may damage your hard drive beyond repair!

As an Ontrack Authorized Partner, we can advise you on the procedures to follow to allow for the best possible chance on a successful data recovery. If we determine that your hard drive has to be shipped to a data recovery center, rest assured that you will receive a comprehensive evaluation, which include an online report of evaluation results in as little as six hours and typically within 24-48 hours depending on the selected service level. This report includes a full list of files that are recoverable (and those that are non-recoverable). You will also receive a guaranteed fixed price for the data recovery service, and only after agreeing to this will you be charged.

Contact one of our technicians to discuss your needs.

If you are not satisfied with the service, we offer a 30-day money back guarentee.

One time charge: $49.00

Time needed for remote connection: Approx. 120 minutes

Pay per service, not by hour

Safe and Secure

Money Back Guarantee

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Can I use the File Recovery Service on more than one PC?

The File Recovery Service is available for one PC at a time only. If you have multiple PCs that you want serviced, you'll need to purchase the service for each PC.


Windows Help and Support

Having problems with your Windows Operating System? Is your computer slow? Does it crash or freeze? Our expert technicians can identify and fix your problems in the shortest possible time and optimize your PC and laptop speed.

Computer Tune-Up

Let us tune your computer with our PC Tune-up Service: our technician will check your computer using our proprietary diagnostic checkup software to help make it run at is best!

Malware & Virus Removal

Our service representative diagnoses your computer to determine any root causes of Malware, Virus or other 'rogue' software and removes any threads found to resolve any issues identified.

Network Setup & Troubleshooting

Our expert technician will diagnoses your network setup & router settings to detect problems or optimize your (security) settings.